If you must know–

I’ve been stumbling through life with bullet points ever since I could pick up a crayon..which soon turned into a pencil…later into a pen.. and well now, the only physical writing utensil I hold is either a Apple Pencil or a keyboard. Which leads me to the present– where I’ll try my best to not use bullet points.

I traveled from Kathmandu, Nepal to Dallas, Texas seventeen years ago. My family and I made a few pit stops along the way in Singapore, Hong Kong, Delhi, Moscow, Belarus, and Australia before we actually made our way to the US. We were in Australia for one month, which in all honesty felt like a year. It was a nice place to visit but Texas was definitely calling our name.

Life was different in Texas. The culture, the people, and the ambiance was all foreign to us. However, we had each other and sometimes that’s all you need to make a new place your home.

After graduating high school, I attended The University of Texas at Austin. It was by far the best experience of my life. My love for the Texas Longhorns runs pretty deep. I graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology. I worked with mostly adults- post stroke survivors and later transitioned to work with pediatrics. I currently provide treatment for only pediatrics and sometimes miss working with adults.

After graduating from one of the most rigorous programs, I was in search for another challenge. So I found a job in Dallas, bought myself a car, bought a house for two special people in my life, renewed my passport, applied for a Visa because let’s be real— I need a visa for almost every country with a passport from Nepal— and booked a flight to Lima, Peru.

Some say, once you travel— you shouldn’t stop. Well I beg to differ. I stopped traveling after the age of fourteen. I missed it but the bullet list that I’ve been creating since I could hold a crayon consisted of goals. Goals for myself and for the people who created me. I’m slowly starting to cross off some of my most difficult goals…what does this mean? This means, I get to create new goals, go on new adventures, and maybe even visit thirty countries before I’m thirty. Stay tuned for more adventures, life stories, and my infamous bullet points.

Until Then,