Love for Van Gogh

When I was helping my parents move out of their house a few years back, I found a note I wrote to myself when I was 10 years old. Not sure if I wanted 21 year old Jasmin to find it, but I did.

To: Jasmin

From: Jasmin

Everything on there was useless expect the following line–

“Visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam please”

I’ve wanted to see his work in person for a while now. I finally got the chance when I was in DC this September.

I’d be bluffing if I said I wasn’t emotional.


3 thoughts on “Love for Van Gogh

      1. I got lucky with super cheap flights when I was living in Canada (pretty unaffordable now I’m back in NZ!). It’s an amazing city, I couldn’t recommend it more!


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