Quarter Century

Age is a loss of youth for many- which is why I think many people are afraid of it. But with age comes more opportunities and wisdom. I remember looking forward to turning thirty for as long as I can remember. Odd, I know. Today, I look forward to just growing- intellectually and spiritually. Age doesn’t matter. It’s just one number that defines your experience in life.

I’ll be turning 25 next week and though I’ve been anticipating this for awhile now, I’m actually more collected about it lately. Maybe it’s all of the changes that have taken place. Or maybe it’s the endless amount of opportunities I have at 25 (like getting my own rental car without dad. My kinda independence). Regardless of the reason, I’ve finally stopped counting towards this magic number thirty. Mostly because life happens.

Anyway, to celebrate my 25 years of life, I packed my bags and traveled to D.C. to visit my best friend. I met this amazing human named Nita Mandar back in 2012 at UT Austin in a random Hindi course I signed up for. Since then, she has drugged me with Benadryl before our written final in Hindi (to say I was drowsy writing in Hindi is an understatement)(in her defense I was coughing nonstop. I would have drugged me too), She has encouraged me to take 13 shots (following her 15 shots) for her 21st birthday celebration (yes, I woke up for my 8 am exam the next day), she has convinced my entire class that my real name is Jasmindar (she even convinced my professor. She’s that good.), she has driven across the country with me (best road trip ever), she has cooked momo with me on Valentines Day, she has been my only ratchet Galentine (team ratchet for life!), she has randomly booked her flight Nepal with me, has gotten the most awkward body massages in foreign countries with me… So many more memories with my “oh wow” girl. “Oh wow” because that is her response to everything. How can I not celebrate my 25 years of life with this girl?

To make this trip even better, Michael Angelo joined me on this trip. Mr. sweet face caught five fish during our Billy Goat Trail hike (or so he says, right neets?). Mikey and I have taken several trips together but this trip was different. Different in a good way. In a way that helps you realize why you’re choosing to grow old with this human. Nine years of dating does that to you I guess. I still remember celebrating my 16th birthday at TGI Fridays with this guy. I also remember sneaking into the movies after dinner because it was passed curfew. Since then, I don’t remember celebrating a birthday without you.

It’s funny to think where life takes you. At this age, I thought I’d be in a different place in life. While I am a masterpiece (love yo’ self, God says), I am very much a work in progress. I’ll be a quarter century next week and I’m currently the happiest. Happiest because, life… It’s a gift— Whether you’re a quarter century or a ten year old Jasmin wanting to be 30. Appreciating your now and looking forward to your future is a talent. I’m definitely on the train to master this talent.

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