Little Humans

From birth to the teenage years and beyond, communication with a child is crucial. However, so often we hear parents use negative comments and expect positive behavior. It’s important to understand that positive communication can reinforce good behavior, and help children understand and eliminate bad behavior. It can also build a child’s confidence and self-esteem.


When a child is in the middle of bad behavior, point out something positive.


Eliminate the negatives (don’t, no, stop, bad) as much as possible.


Make the time with talk with your child. Talk about anything and everything. Bad behavior is sometimes associated with the lack of attention.


When talking to your child, get down to their level (if necessary) and maintain eye contact. Eye contact is always KEY!


Lastly, allow your child to finish talking and really listen to what they are saying. They have thoughts + ideas and are willing to share it all with us. Encourage it. It’s important not to shut them down by assuming “child thoughts” are less important.

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