“When life changes, success puts on different clothes” This picture was taken in Minsk, Belarus before our big move to the United States. Whenever I’m a little doubtful of where I’m going, my parents remind me of all the changes my family has embraced. This thing called life has an interesting way of showing us […]

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Work Bag

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the perfect work bag that could carry my stationary and my 15″ MacBook. I sometimes carry my iPad along with my laptop so my work bag gets a little heavy. I was in search for something that is durable, nice and affordable. Affordable because I usually put […]

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I Quit My Job.

Life update: Started my new job in October. l’m on the marketing team for this amazing company founded by two passionate Physical Therapists from Chile. l’ll start treating kids again for speech therapy in about two weeks. l totaled my car on my first day at work. I’m fine. Thank God. Realized that sometimes life […]

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Love for Van Gogh

When I was helping my parents move out of their house a few years back, I found a note I wrote to myself when I was 10 years old. Not sure if I wanted 21 year old Jasmin to find it, but I did. To: Jasmin From: Jasmin Everything on there was useless expect the […]

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Quarter Century

Age is a loss of youth for many- which is why I think many people are afraid of it. But with age comes more opportunities and wisdom. I remember looking forward to turning thirty for as long as I can remember. Odd, I know. Today, I look forward to just growing- intellectually and spiritually. Age […]

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